When I was little, I dreamed that I would be able to sell my drawings, or do something with art. With a push from my brother to try a Graphic Design position, I learned that there may, in fact, be a market for me. After I was let go from that position, I wasn't sure what to do. I enjoyed Graphic Design, and I like to believe I was pretty good at it! But, I wasn't 100% on getting into it, again as a full-time job, beyond how the pay would benefit me.


That's when I saw that local Anime Conventions had started opening their applications for Artist Alleys. My confidence was to the point that I figured, "Why not?"  And that's where it starts, in 2017's A&G Con 10, the last one. I had fallen out of watching Anime, other than the occasional reverse harem series (a weakness of mine), and while it was intimidating, I cherish the experience, and I met some great people, and fellow artists.


Thanks to A&G Con, here I am.  I am aiming to try more conventions, and see how I do. Like Annie said, "I think I'm gonna like it, here."

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